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relaxing massage

Relaxing Massage

Therapeutic massage is highly effective for stress management control and increasing a great sense of well-being.

A range of therapeutic massage techniques offers a light, relaxing treatment reducing stress both emotionally and physically. Regular treatments are recommended to revitalise both the body and mind.

Luxury full body, allow 90 minutes - £80.00
Full body massage, allow 1 hour - £55.00
Upper body massage, allow 45 minutes - £45.00
Back massage, allow 30 minutes - £35.00
relaxing massage

Myofascial Release Massage

Myofascial Release is the new "buzz" in the world of massage and is a quick and powerful method of releasing pain and tension. Fascia is the soft tissue part of the connective tissue and provides support and protection for most of the structures within the body including muscles. Sometimes this soft tissue can become restricted resulting in pain, tension and reduced blood flow. This specialised treatment releases restrictions within the connective tissue, enabling hardened and dehydrated areas to become soft and pliable. Regular MFR can improve posture, counter-act muscle soreness and increase flexibility. This massage is experienced without oil and is a wonderfully relaxing treatment.

1 Hour Back and Shoulder Treatment - £65.00

myofascial massage

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is deeply relaxing, helping you to let go of all the stress held within your body soothing away aches and pains, a truly amazing treatment! Heated basalt stones are used to massage the body, providing an enhanced therapeutic effect.

The direct heat from the stones relaxes the muscles, creating sensations of comfort and warmth, allowing greater intensity than with regular massage. Optional chilled marble stone are available for clients who prefer the ice and heat therapy which is an invigorating treatment with many benefits.

Hot stone luxury full body massage, allow 90 minutes - £85.00
Hot stone full body, allow 1hour - £60.00
Hot stone back massage, allow 30 minutes - £40.00
hot stone massage

Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candling is an ancient form of treatment and has been used in many cultures over thousands of years. The candles have calming and energizing properties, made of natural honey, beeswax, sage and camomile

An excellent non-invasive treatment suitable for problems related to the ear, nose and throat areas, regulating pressure in the inner ears. Helps with many conditions such as tinnitus, headaches, migraines, asthma, anxiety and stress.

1 hour appointment - £50.00